Pronto para ser o novo Sherlock Holmes? Você esta prestes a entrar em uma cena de crime, cuidado para não deixar nenhuma evidencia para traz, pegue seu equipamento e tente descobrir o assassino antes que fuja.

Salve, Salve VPFIers, vamos brincar de detetive mas com a tecla SAP ligada, esse update é 100% inglês, e legal para se divertir, mesmo você que está começando sua jornada de aprendizagem tenta ai, vamos ver se consegue adivinhar, are you ready? let’s go !!

One day, a young detective named Smith had to solve a different crime. In this case, 5 people who knew each other were involved and one of them committed the crime with a gun. The detail is that, for some strange reason, the file had no information about which of these people had been the victim.

The detective carefully reviewed all the documents and discovered the name of the killer and the victim thanks to a few small details. Let’s see if, like Smith, you can solve the mystery.

We suggest you do it like movie detectives: use small papers with the characters’ names and information. This will give you clear thinking.


John is addicted to playing tennis. The day after the crime, he and another person who had nothing to do with the fact played tennis in an amateur tournament.


Jack moved to the city a year before the murder, but was born and raised on a small fishing island. Therefore, his biggest dream was to have a boat.


Steve works as a model and is very vain. Several days before the murder he began to pose for Bill, who was painting his portrait from head to toe.


Bill is a famous portrait painter. He plans to finish Steve’s next week.


Since the murder, Alex, who explores marine fauna, has been on an Antarctic expedition with 20 other scientists.

In addition, the detective noted other important data:

A week before the murder, the killer broke a leg.
Steve and Alex met about a year before the murder.
Alex and the murderer have known each other since childhood: they were neighbors in a large city.
After much thought, did Smith discover who the victim is and who the killer is? Can you do it?

What was the detective’s logic?
Since the next day John had a game of tennis, he cannot be the killer, because playing with a broken leg would have been impossible and he would not have had time to recover.
Alex cannot be the murderer, because he was his neighbor since childhood and would hardly commit a crime in this situation.
Steve is innocent because he met Alex a year before the murder and the killer had known Alex since childhood.
So the killer must be Jack or Bill. We can safely say that it was not Jack because he did not know the killer since childhood, since he grew up on an island. Only Bill remains: he is alive, because he plans to finish Steve’s portrait next week.

We can only understand who the victim was. Detective Smith knows that Alex is in Antarctica and John, who played tennis with Steve, whose portrait would be painted by Bill next week, is alive.











Bill killed Jack.


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