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Hi peeps, Ruan over here.  1f608 - TEXT IN ENGLISH #006 - Are Famous People Happy? 

I’m really glad to be here once again updating our 84th post at VPFI!

Esse é o TEXT IN ENGLISH, um projeto para te ajudar a interpretar textos em inglês, TODA SEMANA colocarei um texto em inglês sobre assuntos variados e a suas missões são: lerentender, e responder as questões que estarão abaixo dele.

famosa - TEXT IN ENGLISH #006 - Are Famous People Happy?


Are Famous People Happy?
Sandra is very beautiful, young, and successful. She’s a famous actress. She’s also very rich. Her house near the beach is big and beautiful, and her car is very expensive. Her fans love her. But is she happy?
Sandra says, “yeah, I’m young, rich, beautiful, and famous. People think rich people are happy. That’s not always true!
Sandra’s brother, Mike, is her manager. He says, “Sandra is only 18. She enjoys acting and entertaining people. But she’s not happy. She doesn’t like being famous.


It’s true,” Sandra says. “I’m never alone. Reporters are everywhere. Wherever I go, they’re there. They’re outside my house all the time! That’s so annoying!“.
1) What’s Sandra look like?
2) How old is Sandra?
3) Does Sandra like to be famous?

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