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Hi peeps, Ruan over here.  1f608 - TEXT IN ENGLISH #003 

I’m really glad to be here once again updating our 67th post at VPFI!

Esse é o TEXT IN ENGLISH, um projeto para te ajudar a interpretar textos em inglês, TODA SEMANA colocarei um texto em inglês sobre assuntos variados e a suas missões são: lerentender, e responder as questões que estarão abaixo dele.

TEMA: What is a business you would like to start?

textinenglish - TEXT IN ENGLISH #003


Hi, I’m Nick, if I had to own a business, the business I would love to own is a travel business.
I would like to be able to take people around the world, take them to places where they may not think they want to go, but really surprise them. I’d like to go to really quite developing countries, which are quite cheap and are really amazing, have amazing culture, amazing music, and amazing places to visit. I’d like to show people amazing places like that. I’d also like to organize tours from Australia, and of Australia, so take them to places which I find really amazing and really worth going to, and showing people the real essence of Australia, and how it’s such an amazing country, and has such amazing animals and landscapes. Yeah, so I’d love to be able to show people that.
1) What is the name of the writer of the text?
2) What country does he want people to know?
3) Why did he choose this country?


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