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Hi peeps, Ruan over here.  😈 

I’m really glad to be here once again updating our 52nd post at VPFI!

Esse é o TEXT IN ENGLISH, um projeto para te ajudar a interpretar textos em inglês, TODA SEMANA colocarei um texto em inglês sobre assuntos variados e a suas missões são: lerentender, e responder as questões que estarão abaixo dele.


My name is Ivan and I am from Peru. My question is how did you learn English?

Well, it all started when I was in high school and my teacher told me I had a good command of the English language, and that I should study it to speak it fluently. That motivated me, and I decided to change all of my habits and do things differently. I started to watch TV shows in English, movies in English. Pretty much everything in my life changed to the point where everything I did involved the English language. Little by little, I started to learn more, new words, new phrases, and so I decided to take it a step further, so I entered an institute and started to learn the English language professionally. Once in there, I entered into a website where I met a lot of people from all over the world speaking English and to this day some of these people continue to be my friends and I practice English with them every day.  😀 
1) When did Ivan start to study English?
2) Who motivated Ivan to start studying English?
3) Where is Ivan from ?
4) How does Ivan practice his English on the internet ?


1. He started studying English since he was in high school.
2. His teacher motivated to study ENglish.
3.He is from Peru.
4.He entered to a website where he met people from all over the world speaking English.


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