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Earthship pioneer Michael Reynolds is building the first ...


In the 1970s, many people became concerned about energy. People had to face up to the fact that they used too much energy. and energy sources were not going to last forever. One architect, Michael Reynolds, decided to do something. He set out to design homes tthat were cheaper to build and more energy efficient. In addition, he wanted to do something abot all the garbage. Finally, he came up with a idea of “earthships”.

Although it sounds like a boat, an earthship is a house. However, unlike regular houses, earthships are constructed from garbage and are built, earthships use only ten percent of the energy needed to built a typical house. Moreover, after they built, earthships use only ten percent of the energy required to heat, light, and cool a regular home. Although earthships sound unquire, they can actually bu built to look just like any other house.

One of the big benefits of earthships is that they are made from recycled materials. The main construction material of an earthship is used tires that are filled with dirt. The dirt-filled tires are then laid flat and stacked like bricks. Because the tires are round there is lots of extra space between the columns of tires. These spaces are filled with used cardboard. The tires and cardboard from the outside walls of an earthsip. The inside walls between rooms in the earthship do not need to be as strong as the outside eventually covered and painted to look just like walls in a typical home.

Another benefit of an earthships is that it saves energy and natural resources. For example, an earthship uses less water. Rain water, which is collected on the roof, is used for drinking and bathing. Furthermore, earthships need much less energy for heating and cooling because they are built into the ground, which keeps the temperature inside the house from getting too hot or too cold. In the long run, this helps earthship owners lower their utility bills. As well, one wall of an earthship usuaaly faces south. Therefore, solar heat helps to warm the house, and solar panels built on the roof generate electricity to run appliances in the house.

All of these features make earthships very environmentally friendly. That’s one of the reasons they have become popular throughout world. Earthships have been built in Bolivia, Australia. Mexico, Japan, Canada, England, Scotland, and all over the US. Maybe in the near future, an earthship will be landing near you!


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