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Are you preparing for a big test? If so, you may want to go play some basketball in between hitting the books. Based on information they have collected over te years, researches have seen an apparent connection between exercise and brain development. According to her research, it seems that exercise can make blood vessels, including those in the brain, stronger and more fully developed. Cameron claims this allows people who exercise to concentrate better. She says, “While we already know that exercise is good for the heart, exercise can literally cause physical changes in the brain”.

The effects of exercise on brain development can even be seen in babies. Babies who do things that require a lot of movement and physical activity show greater brain development that babies who are less physically active. With babies, even a little movement can show big results. Margaret Barnes, a pediatrician, believes in the importance of exercise. She thinks that many learning disabilities children have in elementary school or high school can be traced back to a lack of movement as babies. “Babies need movement that simulates their five senses”, says Barnes. They need to establish a connection between motion and memory. In this way, as they get older, children will begin to associate physical activity with higher learning.”

The benefits of exercise on the brain are not just for babies. Older people can beef up their brains by working out as well. Researchers at Cornell University studied a group of senior ranging in age from seventy to seventy-nine. Their study showed a short-term memory increase of up to forty percent after exercising just three hours a week. The exercise does not have to be very difficult, but ir does have to increase the heart rate. Also, just like the motion the infants, exercise for older people should involve some complexity. Learning some new skills or motions, such as with yoga or tai-chi, helps open up memory paths in the brain that may not have been used for a long time.

For most people, any type of physical activity that increases the heart rate is helpful. The main goal is to increase the brain’s flow of blood. Your brain can benefit from as little as two to three hours of exercise a week.


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