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People who enjoy skiing dream of skiing in exotic places. These days thay don’t have to limit themselves to just the Rocky Mountain or the Swiss Alps. Now they can ski in Dubai as well! That’s right. Dubai, the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates, has a ski resort.

Ski Dubai opened for business in 2005. Other than being the world’s third largest indoor ski facility, Ski Dubai has number of things to amaze visitors. First and foremost, this ski facility was built in a place where there are no narutal hills and it never snows. While the desert outdoor can reach 45° C in the summer, the slopes of Ski Dubai are kept at a cool -2° C all year round.

Like any other ski resort, Ski Dubai has a chairlift and ski instructors. It also boasts a Swiss style café on the slopes where skiers can rest and warm up. However, that’s not all. Along with being able to enjoy the five indoor slopes, including a black diamond slopes, visitorsare welcome to built snowmen in a designated area. Children can also enjoy snowball fights in the snowball throwing gallery, or they can explore asnow cavern filled with amazing things for kids to see and do.

As if all of that were not enough, it is also possible for guests to experience falling snow from time to time. When it is time to make new snow inside de facility [, the temperature drops to -8° C. Then snow guns shoot out chilled water to make a cloud near the celling. Tiny particles of ice are shot into the cloud to form snow crystals. This manmade snow falls from the celling on excited guests below. When Raed Al Yousofi, a guest at Ski Dubai, experienced his first snowfall, he said, “it’s very strange but wonderful.” That is certainly an apt description of Ski Dubai as well.


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