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In the 1920s, the science fiction hero Buck Rogers flew across the pages of comic books using a jetpack. It was a vision of the future that has yeet to actually be created. Now that we are living in the 21st century, people still aren’t using jetpacks to get around. Lots of inventors have tried to build working jetpacks over the years, but none of them have ever worked as well as the one Buck Rogers wore in the comic books.

One jetpack that was recently demostrated at the annual Experimental Aircraft Association’s Convention was the Martin jetpack. This jetpack was built by an inventor from New Zealand named Gleen Martin. Martin’s 120 kilogram jetpack holds about twenty liters of gasoline and can fly for about thirty minutes. Two large fanss pointing toward the sky create a jet of air that jetpack operator flies on. The Martin jetpack may be too loud and too heavy for the taste of some people. However. it really works, and it on the market today.

Another jetpack that was demonstrated recently is Raymond Li’s Jetlev-Flyer. This is a jetpack that propels a person into the air by shooting out a jet of water rather than a jet of air. The jetlev-Flyer is smaller and lighter then the Martin jetpack. This is due to the fact that the engine and water jump for the jetpack is on a boat that is pulled along behind the operator. A ten meter hose connects the engine and the pump to the Jetlev-Flyer. In a test of his jetpack, Li flew almost ten meters high and could travel forward at a speed of 35 kph.

Neither the Martin jetpack nor the Jetflev-Flyer are going to be the big sellers. They are just too expensive for the average person. Both cost over $100,000 each


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