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cherry fruit wallpaper 2048x1152 - TEXT 017 - SEEING RED


Bright colors stir up active feeeling . For exemplo, the color red can cause people to feel excited. In fact, red can even make a person fell hungrier. Yellow can increase energy. Therefor, a room with strong red and yellow colors, would be good place to eat a lot of food quickly. On the other hand, darker colors, like blue and green, are peaceful. The color blue can help people calm down. So, a blue room can be a good place to study, since people can concentrate more easily. However, it is easier to nod off in a blue room than in a red one.

The colors of clothes can also affect feelings. Black and deep-blue clothes can produce a sense of strength and seriousness. Therefore, a person in a black suit can seem like a leader more easily than one wearing white. If a person is wearing a dark suit and a red tie, he or she may seem both powerful and energetic. Perhaps this is why many politicians and businesspeople wear dark suits with red ties. Brown and green clothes can produce a sense of confidence, which means it mayy seem easier to trust a person wearing such colors. Therefore, many people choose to wear green or brown clothes for meeting or interviews.

Choice of color, for rooms as well as clothes, is not simply about appearance.


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