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Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo on January 5, 1941. As a boy, he liked to read and draw cartoons. After graduating from university in 1963, Miyazaki joined the Toei Animation Company. At Toei, he worked on many animated movies, like the famous Puss in Boots. In 1984, he made Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, which was based on a comic book he wrote. Because this movie was so sucessful, Miyazaki was able to start his own animation company, Studio Ghibli.

One of Miyazaki’s most loved movies is My Neighbor Totoro, made in 1987. It is a children’s movie, but many adults like it, too. The movie is about two sisters who become friends with an anormous, supernatural animal named Totoro. It is very warm-hearted story, with many fantasic characters such as Cat Bus, a cat that is also bus. Miyazaki’s 2001 movie, Spirited Away, was even more popular than Totoro. In fact, it made more money than any other movie in Japanese history.

All of Miyazaki’s movies contain strange but charming people and creatures. Many of his stories happen in worlds that are diffrent from ours. However, they still show his ideas about real life. He often points out how humans hurt the natural world. He think people should change how they live. Miyazaki’s movies combine fantasy and reality in an original way. This may be why so many people likes his movies.


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