Várias e várias ideias de como praticar o Inglês em casa, mesmo que sozinho você vai poder praticar muito o seu segundo idioma com todas as dicas que eu separei aqui! Papel e caneta na mão pra anotar todas as técnicas que vem hoje pra você 100% in English, alright?

Hello VPFIer, do you want to get some ideas about how to practice English in easy ways at home? Listen to it right now!

I’m going to give you lots and lots of ideas about how to practice your English speaking when you are alone at home, I hope you’re ready and can understand all the words that I speak with you in English!

Maybe practicing English can be a little bit more difficult for you, right?

You don’t have any native English speakers in your city or maybe there are no tourists that you go and try to talk to them and you’re not the kind of person who would go on skype or another application to trying to find a random person to speak English with, in a nutshell, it can be quite hard for you to practice English, but not after this lesson!

Most part of teachers may suggest you to watch videos, series, movies and whatever… they say you can listen to podcasts, songs, audiobooks and so on…

And please, don’t get me wrong, all of this is really helpful and necessary to improve your English, however, at some point you need to start speaking or at least practice your speaking skills and I’m here to let you know you can do it on your own, totally by yourself!

This is amazing right? But keep this in mind, sooner or later you’ll need to start interacting and practicing speaking with real people, let’s improve your confidence level, you need to trust you are capable before going to the battleground!

The first technique I teach my students has a pretty nice name, it sounds like a movie…


It’s really useful and simple, you can do this as the first thing you do after waking up, even when you’re brushing your teeth… try to think about all the things you have to do in your whole day, say some sentences like:

  • Today I need to go to VPFI School and produce a very nice content for my students…
  • After that I’m going to get back home and help my wife prepare the lunch.
  • After lunch time I’m going to organize my inbox and check my new emails.
  • While my wife is preparing dinner I’m going to take my baby girl for a ride in our bike.
  • After dinner we will spend some time together reading a nice book.

And so on, start thinking about the things you have to do during your day and create all this schedule in your mind and speak up!

If you prefer to this technique at night, before going to bed, it can also happen during the time you’ll be brushing your teeth, remember all the things or at least the most important things that happened during your day and start telling this story to yourself!

Maybe you’re wondering why it must happen in front of the mirror, right?

In fact, there are many nice benefits of talking to a mirror, the one I like more is that a mirror will never talk back to you or judge you!

Just kidding, as a matter of fact, when you’re speaking in the mirror you can look at your mouth and all the movements it makes while you’re speaking, this is very useful to check your pronunciation and body language!

You can surprise yourself when you see how many movements you do while talking!

Sometimes I also suggest my students to record these talks because by doing this they can watch it later and improve even more their listening skills and selfcorrection too!

This tip got a little longer than I use to record, but I hope you have enjoyed, and now you’ll be the new best friend of your mirror, and please, don’t care if the people in your house think you’re getting crazy, because maybe you are… right?

Well, let me get back to my busy day, I have lots and lots of things to do today, if you enjoyed this tip, share it with your friends!

And of course, if you’re not part of our English Club yet, consider becoming our new member, you can find more information through our Instagram @vocepodefalaringles click in the BIO LINK and you will be our newest student!

Bye bye VPFIer!



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