Hello World! This is Eduardo Souto again coming to you from my office in the small city of Guariba – SP, BRAZIL.It’s a pleasure to be here once again updating Você pode falar Inglês (VPFI) with some interesting content!

This is our 9th blog post, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Hi, my name’s Eduardo Souto and you are participating in the 1st PCT (Practice Conversation Transcript). What’s your name?

Nice to meet you. I’m from Brazil and I live in a small city in São Paulo state. Where are you from?

I’m an English teacher and I love to teach English every day. What do you do?


I like playing soccer and badminton and I also love running and swimming. How about you? 

At the moment, I’m working on my website. What are you doing right now? I’m tired today because I got up early. I usually get up at 6 a.m. When do you usually get up? I think it’s great you’re learning English. How often do you study English? Did you study English yesterday?

How about tomorrow? Are you going to study English tomorrow?

OK, I know that studying English isn’t the most important thing in the world! What else are you going to do this week?

I’m going to attend a concert on Saturday. Do you have any special plans?

Last weekend, I went to a nice restaurant with my wife to celebrate our anniversary of 6 years of marriage. What did you do? 


How often do you do that? When is the next time you are going to do that? Thank you for talking to me. Have a nice day!

Write down your answers down here in the comment area! 🙂


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10 respostas

  1. Hi, my name is Gustavo de Sá. I’m very happy to be here practicing English and learning lot of knowledges to improve my skills and resources using the VPFI instructions.
    I’m from Rio de Janeiro and the English language is coming coming with me since a long time ago in my life, since I was a young student, but when I think about my real condition to speak English, I don’t do it with proud, because I feel that I was always doing something superficial and in a half-way, not getting confidence about my real condition to speak.
    I’m a history teacher and tour guide whose found a better way to practice and improve the conversation with foreigners, guiding them. But to do it I have to feel strength and safe to speak.
    Almost 2 weeks ago I knew the English teacher Eduardo Souto, and he introduced me the VPFI English Methods, with which I’m feeling really progressing, because I found a truly didact that is being used day by day with happiness and success.
    I know that I have a long way to practice and learn more and more, but now I’m feeling that I’ll get the best results.
    Now during this social isolation I’m giving my best to study a little bit day by day and I’m certain that I gonna be accomplished! Like the VPFI motto.

  2. My name is Beatriz and I’m from the same city as you HAHAH
    I don’t work yet, I study
    I like to go to the gym and play badminton
    I’m doing my virtual homework at VPFI website
    I usually wake up at 5:30 am
    I usually study English every day
    I’m going to a party this week
    On Saturday, I’m going to the same concert as you 🤪
    Last weekend I was taking FUVEST
    Have a nice day too!

  3. Hi, my name is Maria Eduarda.
    Nice to meet you too! I’M from Brazil.
    I’m a student and I study in Jaboticabal.
    Hmm, I love to listen to music and to watch TV.
    In this moment, I’m in my house watching TV.
    I usually get up at 5:30 a.m.
    I study English when I have English class. No, I didn’t study English yesterday.
    Yes, I’m going to study English tomorrow.
    This week, I go to Jaboticabal.
    No, unfortunately I don’t have special plans.
    Last weekend, I went to Jaboticabal in my friend’s house.
    Oh, I don’t know.
    Have a good week!

  4. -Hello, my name is Guilherme, I’m happy to meet you.
    -I’m from Brazil too and I live in the same city as you.
    -Humm… I study every day.
    -I love so much playing soccer and video game.
    -I’m watching TWD, it’s the best series in the world.
    – I understand you, I always get up at 5:50 a.m.
    -I study English every day. Of course yeah. Sure man.
    -I have to study for my test at school and go out with my girlfriend.
    -On Saturday unfortunately nothing.
    -I started a marathon of TWD.
    – Every day since the last Thursday. Today and tomorrow.
    Have a nice week brow.

  5. Hi, my name is Maria Clara. Nice to meet you too!
    I’m from Brazil too.
    I’m a student.
    I like to watch Netflix.
    Right now ,I’m in my English class .
    I usually get up at 6:00 a.m
    I study English once a week.
    I will go to Guaira
    No, I don’t have special plans
    I slept

  6. Hi, my name is Luísa, nice to meet u too! sz
    What a coincidence, I’m from SP state from Brazil too \o/
    I do nothing because I am so busy with everything, I’m not a fan of sport. For me, is good just for watching.
    Right now, I’m talking to u at VPFI school studying English.
    I usually get up at 6 am to go to school, even though I don’t want LOL
    I study English only with you twice a week, but there’s some daily things that I need to use my English too.
    This week, I need to do many school stuff for the end of the year and I will go to Jaboticabal on Friday.
    Last weekend, I was traveling with my cousins, it was so hype, we did many things.
    I hardly ever travel with my cousins because they live in Santos-SP.

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