Agora você vai ter acesso a um diálogo que pode ser praticado de muitas formas diferentes, você vai melhorar seu LISTENING, pode trabalhar seu SPEAKING fazendo também as leituras alternadas, pronto pra estudar?

Mr. Freeman: Hey there, good morning! I’m the manager here Mr. Freeman. How may I help you?
Ms. Clark: Hello Mr. Freeman! Nice to meet you! My name is Phoebe. I’m here for the job as a secretary.
Mr. Freeman: Pleased to meet you! That’s great! I just need to ask you some questions then, what’s your full name?
Ms. Clark: My full name is Phoebe Buffay Clark.
Mr. Freeman: Well, Ms. Clark, where are you originally from?
Ms. Clark: I’m originally from Brazil but my parents are American. Born and raised in New York.
Mr. Freeman: That’s nice, really interesting and what about your age? How old are you?
Ms. Clark: I look a little older than I’m really am, though I’m just 29 years old.
Mr. Freeman: That’s okay, I feel the same, everybody says I look older than I really am! When is your birthday?
Ms. Clark: My birthday is on July, 22nd.
Mr. Freeman: For real!? It’s exactly the same as mine. What a happy coincidence!
Ms. Clark: How cool, that was really unexpected, right!?
Mr. Freeman: But tell me… what’s your cell phone number? I saw there isn’t a cell phone number in your résumé.
Ms. Clark: I don’t have a cell phone number yet, I’ve just arrived in the country, however, you can contact me through my house number, it is 2241-9867.
Mr. Freeman: Ahh alright, and do you have a professional email to contact you too?
Ms. Clark: Yeah, I do. It’s
Mr. Freeman: Okay, I wrote it down, and now just to finish our interview here, what’s your marital status?
Ms. Clark: Right now I’m single, but I was engaged and my fiance passed away two months ago, that’s why I decided to move to a new country and restart my professional and personal life in a different career path.
Mr. Freeman: I’m really sorry to hear that, I believe you’ll be hired, I can see in your resumé that you speak 5 different languages, have great skills at dealing with people and to be sincere, you inspired me confidence since the first moment I saw you Ms. Clark!
Ms. Clark: Thank you Mr. Freeman, you won’t regret your decision, be sure about it!

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