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HISTÓRIA DA VIDA: Besouro Rinoceronte


How often have you gone to a vending machine to get a bag of chips? What if you found a pair of live beetles instead? It may sound strange, but a company in Japan sells large beetles thought vending machines. The vending machine company and nature conservationists disagree about selling beetlesthis way.

Many school-age children in Japan collect beetles. Other people also enjoy this hobby. However, people are building houses where the beetles live. This destroys the beetles’ homes. Now, itis difficult to find the beetles in the wild.

Since 1999, the Mirai Seiko Company has been selling these beetles in vending machines. The company says that it wants to help people own these rare insects. It also says that it takes good care of the beetles in the machines. True or not, the machines are very popular. the machines sel more than 1,500 beetles per month. Sometimes, people buy all the beetles in machine in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, conservations feel that the machines are harmful. Children may think that living creatures are like soft drinks or boxes of candy. do you feel that the vending machines give people a rare experience, or that they give children bad ideas? Either way, they show how clever people can be.

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