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The inventors of the first airplane were not scientists. In fact, they did not even finish high school! the inventors of the first airplane were just ordinary brothers with a big dream – a dream of flying.

Willlbur and Orville Writh grew up in Indiana in a large family. Neither of the brothers finished high school. Instead of sitting in class and reading , they wanted to work and make things, like machines. When the brothers were 18 and 22 years old, they started up their own printing press and bicycle shop.

One day, Wilbur read an interesting story in the newspaper about a man trying to fly in a glider. The man died, but the story gave Wilbur an idea. He decided to teach himself about flying in order to make the perfect glider. Together, Orville and Wilbur sucessfully tested their new glider on the beach. Then the brothers decided to make their glider into a flying machine. They put engine and propeller on the glider and called their new machine the “Wright Flyer”. The plane broke down on its first test, but the Wright brothers didin’t give up.

With a little more hard work, the Wright Flyer made a sucessful flight! On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers made history by flying the Wright Flyer over the beach at kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The airplane was born.

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