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Newspapers and television news programs always seem to report about the bad things happening in society. However, there is a place where readers can find some good news. That places is the website called HappyNews. The man behind HappyNews s Bryron Reese. Reese set up HappyNews because he thought others news sources were giving people an unbalanced view of the world. Reese said about HappyNews, “The news media gives you a distorted view of the world by exaggerating bad news, misery, and despair. We’re trying to balance out the scale.”

Not everyone agrees with Reese’s view, thought. Many people think that news sources have a responsibility to provide news that is helpful to people. People need to know about issues or problems in today’s society. Then people are better able to make informed decisions about things that affect their daily lives. Reese said that HappyNews is not trying to stop people from learning about issues or problems. HappyNews is just trying to provide a balanced picture of today’s world.

By the end of its first month online, HappyNews had more than 70,000 unique readers. About 60 percent of those readers were women. Something else unique makes HappyNews different from any of the others news or informaation websites that are onn the Internet. Unlike many other websites, HappyNews gets fan mail from its readers on daily basis.

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