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A young actress is about to go onto the stage. As she waits by the side of the stage, she looks nervous. You might hear her whisper to her friend, “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.” Butterflies in her stomach? How did those get in there? The feeling comes from chemicals produced by the body in stressful situations.

One chemical that the body makes under stress is cortisol. This chemical benefits the body in normal situations. In fact, it helps the body start normal activities in the morning after waking up. It also plays a role in helping the body and mind respond well to healthy exercise. However, when the body is under stress, extra cortisol begins to affect the stomach. For some people, cortisol shuts down the stomach, producing the funny feeling of butterflies. For others, cortisol speeds up the way the stomach works, which makes these people feel sick.

All you need to do to get rid of few butterflies in the stomach is just relax. Laughing with, or talking to, others about your stress can help reduce it. Stepping out onto the stage will also help those butterflies fly away.

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