Shadows Drawing #001

Hello World! This is Eduardo Souto again coming to you from my office in the small city of Guariba - SP, BRAZIL.

It's a pleasure to be here once again updating Você pode falar Inglês (VPFI) with some interesting content!

This is our 1070º blog post, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Today I'll help you to master the phrasal verb TO SHELL OUT:

To pay for something, generally applies to paying large amounts of money:

"Man, I had to shell out U$300 for a new computer monitor."

To spend a lot of money on something:

"Since they wouldn't share, I ended up shelling out for two hotel rooms."

To pay a sum of money, especially one that seems exorbitant or unfair:

"They said I had to shell out U$200 to cancel my contract."

To pay money for something, especially when the cost is unexpected and not wanted:

"If we lose the casem we'll be forced to shell out."
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