17 reasons Why you should start exercising right now

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Que tal se motivar um pouco? :P

  1. Because exercise is simple, where life is complicated.
  2. Because our bodies evolved to move, not be static all day.
  3. Because it releases chemicals in your brain that give you a 'buzz'.
  4. Because it reduces the chances of ill health.
  5. Because it means when you're exercising you're not working.
  6. Because evidence has it that it can make you smarter.
  7. Because there are a thousand ways to exercise, from simply taking a walk, to climbing a mountain, to running, to going for a swim, doing yoga....
  8. Because you can lose yourself in the moment, and not worry about the past or present.
  9. Because you can do it with friends.
  10. Because you can do it alone.
  11. Because it breaks your normal routine, creating a clear marker in the day.
  12. Because it takes will power to do, which trains your brain to take on any other challenges you may face.
  13. Because it can improves self-image and confidence.
  14. Because it can put you back in nature (where we all came from).
  15. Because it can be free (or expensive, if you buy a lot of lycra and a new bike).
  16. Because you can reward yourself afterwards - with a lovely meal, for instance as it will stimulate your metabolism.
  17. Because you will be bucking the trend as society becomes more sedentary. You're different, all of a sudden.
By Andrew J. Young
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