Better safe than sorry [Interativo + Homework]

Hello! This is Eduardo Souto again coming to you from my office in the small city of Guariba - SP.

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If you listen to somebody using this expression you should be cautious, if you are not, you may regret it.

It may be time-consuming to check the oil in your car every time you buy gasoline, but better safe than sorry!

Being careful may avoid a disaster.

I'm not taking any shortcuts with this heavy rain, better safe than sorry!

Something that you say which means it is best not to take risks even if it seems boring or not necessary.

I'll hold the ladder while you climb up. Better safe than sorry!

Being careful is probably more desirable than risking a bad result.

Concerned about the attacks, he sent his son out of the village, better safe than sorry!

It's time to do your homework now!
I'd love to see my 4 examples translated in the comments and to finish you must create your own example using the expression that you learned today!

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