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Hello! This is Eduardo Souto again coming to you from my office in the small city of Guariba - SP.

It's a pleasure to be here once again updating Você pode falar Inglês with some interesting content!

This is our 838º blog post, I really hope you enjoy it!

Que tal praticar um pouco respondendo as perguntinhas abaixo?

1 - What is this department in the department store?

2 - Can you name other department in a department store?

3 - What do we call the woman in the uniform?

4 - What is she wearing on her hands?

5 - How many floors does this store have?

6 - Why is the young girl crying?

7 - What is the man holding?

8 - Which do you prefer escalators or elevators?

9 - How much does the coat on the left coast?

10 - What kind of clothes can you see on the hangers?

11 - Do you prefer big or small stores? Why?

12 - What products are cheap to buy in Japan?

13 - Where did you buy the clothes you are wearing now?

14 - What are the best days to go shopping in your opinion?

15 - What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

16 - What did you buy today?

17 - What do you dislike to shop for?

18 - Would you rather shop alone or with your friends?

19 - What was the last present you've received?

20 - If you could go anywhere to shop in the whole world, where would you go?

Responda as perguntas de acordo com o que você vê na figura acima, ou, se for uma pergunta pessoal, de acordo com sua realidade!

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Sobre o Autor:

Eduardo Souto é Professor de Inglês, Empresário e Blogueiro nas horas vagas, 23 anos de idade. Seu principal objetivo é descomplicar o idioma, mostrando que se você quiser você pode falar inglês!
"Um pouco por dia e seu objetivo será alcançado!"
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