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Vamos praticar nosso inglês através de uma alta dosagem de vocabulário, ouça o diálogo entre Maria (Denmark) e Alex (Australia).

Maria e Alex vão compartilhar conosco seus pensamentos e crenças sobre amor à primeira vista e se ele realmente pode durar.

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Maria: So do you believe in love at first sight?

Alex: Yea, I think it does exist. I think you can have a sort of spark at first sight, but what I consider as love is a bit different to what that first kind of meeting would be. If you can having something like and then you think that person has a real possibility, I think that's what you mean by love at first sight, but you can't instantly love someone. It takes growth.

Maria: That's true.

Alex: It takes coming together, shared experiences and that sort of stuff but, you know, I think for some people, my parents actually met at a guitar concert and it was a total mistake. They thought, no, seriously, it was a total mistake. They thought that each other was in the same group and it turned out they were on separate groups and then things went from there. He proposed after five weeks.

Maria: Wow.

Alex: And actually had to, he proposed in front of the fax machine while his divorce was being finalized.

Maria: Oh my God.

Alex: To his first wife so...

Maria: What a romantic story.

Alex: So, and twenty years later you know, so it took one conversation in a guitar concert so I've seen it, you know, I guess that spark definitely exists in them.

Maria: I guess if you call it attraction at first sight, it's way more fitting?


Maria: That's what I feel at least. I've seen, I have friends who experienced, like one of my friends at my university now, she experienced love at first sight, like she saw the guy and she thought that's the guy I want to marry. So I never tried anything like that but I heard it happen and I see it happening now because she's still way head over heels for this guy.

Alex: I think if you decide the person that you're going to marry when you see them, you're a little bit insane.

Maria: Well, insanity is a good point.

Alex: I suppose.

Maria:: She is a little bit insane, yeah. She had a very sad love story beforehand. A guy she was in love with for two and a half years who knew but he didn't, I think they actually did date a little but he didn't want to be serious about it.

Alex: Yeah.

Maria: So I guess she's more, she wants it to be serious but I never tried. Like I think the people I've been in love with it has taken time and it's taken at least half a year before I've felt that there was more. Like I could be attracted to them but the love part, the really wanting to be with this person came later because I didn't want take, I didn't want to get serious at least immediately.

Alex: Yeah, I think after that sort of six month puppy lovestage where it's so new and exciting and you're learning all about the other person, that's when it starts to get like I think you start to feel the strong...

Maria: But I mean also like if there was a guy I didn't even date but we were talking together for half a year and when we met, because it was internet, and he was in Holland and I was in Denmark so we met after half a year. We first met on a trip. So we met and then I could feel it grow but it took me half a year to slowly and safely just get to the point where I could actually feel something. It didn't work out but...

Alex: Ah well, what can you do?

Maria: Yeah, I tried.

Let's understand some important expressions and words used in the dialogue:

I think you have a spark at first sight.

When you feel a 'spark' with someone, you feel an intense attraction to that person soon after meeting them.  

Notice the following:
  1. I thought that she was attractive, but I didn't feel much of a spark.
  2. The beginning of our relationship was filled with sparks.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

'At first sight' refers to the first time you see something or someone. 

Notice the following:
  1. I fell in love with him at first sight.
  2. Although they were only 8, it was basically love at first sight.

She's still way head over heels for this guy.

If you are 'head over heels' for someone, it means that you are crazy in love with that person.   

Notice the following:
  1. She is completely head over heels for this guy.
  2. He falls head over heels very quickly.

He proposed after five weeks.

When a man 'proposes' to a woman, he asks her to marry him and be his wife. 

Notice the following:
  1. He proposed to her next to a waterfall.
  2. She was expecting him to propose to her at Christmas.

We are at that puppy love stage where it's so new and exciting...

'Puppy love' is also used to refer to how two people feel about each other at the beginning of a relationship.  

Notice the following:
  1. They are only 14 years old, so it's nothing but puppy love.
  2. Everyone thought their relationship was just puppy love, but they ended up getting married.

Well, insanity is a good point.

'Insanity' is another word for craziness. 

Notice the following:
  1. It is just insanity to have three jobs at once.
  2. Twenty little kids in one house is basically insanity.
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