A man is known by the company he keeps [100% English]

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Definition: a person is believed to be like the people with whom he or she spends time with

A person is believed to be like the people with whom he or she spends time with.

Stuart: Come here, Glenn. As your friend, I've got to tell you that  people are starting to wonder why you're hanging around with all those anti-government demonstrators.

Glenn: Look. We've been friends ever since our college days. I'm not doing anything wrong.

Stuart: Maybe not, but since you work for a government agency, you've got to be more careful about who you associate with. A man is known by the company he keeps.

Glenn: Guilty by association. Is that it?

Stuart: Unfortunatelly, yes. People often believe that a person is like his friends.

Glenn: Boy, what a hassle! Now what do I do?

Stuart: If I were you, I'd cool it with those pals of yours for a while.


Hanging around - going out for fun, as friends

Demonstratora person whose job is to show or explain how something works or is done

Hassle - annoying situation because you have to do something difficult or complicated

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