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Definition: when two people work as a team, they are both responsible for the team's successes and failures

When two people work as a team, they are both responsible for the team's successes and failures

Sharon: Look how crooked the linoleum is along the edges of the wall. It looks just awful!

Robert: I never said I was an expert in laying linoleum. Besides, it takes two to tango.

Sharon: Just what do you mean by that?

Robert: Well, you're the one who gave me the measurements. If the job turned out badly it was just as much your fault as it was mine.

Sharon: Maybe so, but if you'll remember, I wanted to hire a professional to do the job. You were the one who thought we should save money by doing it ourselves.

Robert: I guess we both learned a lesson. Next time we'll know better.


Crooked - not in a straight line (torto)

Linoleuma type of strong material with a hard shiny surface, used for covering floors

Measurements - the size, length or amount of something

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