Notícias Niveladas #015

Hello! This is Eduardo Souto again coming to you from my office in the small city of Guariba - SP.

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This is our 757th blog post, I really hope you enjoy it!

Todas as notícias serão postadas aqui às Sextas-feiras em 3 níveis diferentes!

Nível Iniciante (Pessoas que começaram a estudar recentemente e tem um vocabulário limitado)

Nível Intermediário (Pessoas que começaram a estudar há um tempo médio de 2 anos e tem um vocabulário um pouco mais amplo)

Nível Avançado (Pessoas que já estudam há um bom tempo e tem um vocabulário avançado)

Vamos começar então!

Excited iPhone Fans

Nível Iniciante

Apple introduced a new phone last week. It is the iPhone 6. A lot of fans cannot wait to have it.

They already started waiting in front of an Apple shop. Some fans from Japan were there for more than a week before.

The fans like this. They say that it is like a street festival. They can meet other iPhone fans.

Apple also introduced the Apple Watch.

Difficult words: introduce (show to people for the first time), street festival (outdoor event with lots of people).

Nível Intermediário

Apple announced the new iPhone 6 last week. It was going to be available in Japan more than a week later after the introduction.

Some Japanese iPhone fans were so excited about the phone that they started waiting in a line before the Apple shop. Yes, more than a week before!

Of course, they want to be the first ones to get the iPhone, but it is not just about that. One fan said that it is a great opportunity to meet other iPhone fans. She said that it is something like a street festival.

Apple also unveiled its first ever watch last week.

Difficult words: announce (to show something to people for the first time), unveil (to show something to people for the first time).
Nível Avançado

Even though there's still more than a week to go until its official release in Japan, iPhone fans have lined the streets outside the Apple store in Tokyo.

About a dozen die-hard fans are hoping to be among the first in Japan to get their hands on the new iPhone 6, which was announced earlier this week.

Fans rolled out their sleeping bags, set up chairs and parasols and some even had replica iPhones in preparation for the long wait in Ginza street.

“It's a chance for us iPhone fans to get together once a year and say hello to each other. It's like a street festival.”

In addition to the new phone, Apple also unveiled their first ever watch, and a mobile payment system.

Difficult words: die-hard (very serious), announce (introduce), parasol (light umbrella which gives shade from the sun), unveil (show or announce publicly for the first time).

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