Falando com Nativos: Clinton Davis

Hello! This is Eduardo Souto again coming to you from my office in the small city of Guariba - SP.

It's a pleasure to be here once again updating Você pode falar Inglês with some interesting content!

This is our 723th blog post, I really hope you enjoy it!

I'm going to introduce you a foreign friend of mine!

My name is Clinton Davis

I am 22 years old

I am originally from Pensacola, Florida, USA

I'm a graduate student at the University of Alabama, but with my programme I'm also a teacher's assistant, and next year I'll have my own class. I hope I can teach English abroad someplace once I finish up this bit of schooling.

Talking about music some of my favorites include Florence + the Machine, Imogen Heap, and well it's hard for me to think sometimes of who I like. In Portuguese I like Forfun and Mariza. Russian music I like Mel'nitsa. I have music in other languages too I like, but they might be a bit obscure.

I like Toni Morrison because of her masterful way with words and ability to evoke thought and really bring to light human issues. I also like Clarise Lispector, as she also can spin a story rather masterfully and capture well the emotion in a scene. There are books of hers I want to read. And since I don't want to be long I'll say only one more: John McWhorter. He's a linguist and his books (the ones I've read at least) really shine some light on the subject of language. Anyhow, I could talk books and authors all day, so just ask if you want recommendations.

I speak English mostly. I also know a bit of Spanish, Russian, and Korean, and I've picked up a little bit of Portuguese by talking with Brazilian and Portuguese people. I'm a fan of languages.

I like talking about books and authors, and also about ideas and concepts, and also about languages and cultures and travel and the like.

I am free to talk sporadically, with starting a grad program I'm not sure when I'll be around regularly, but mostly in the evenings after 5pm would be the best bet.

People can find me at Facebook and Skype.

Sobre o Autor:

Eduardo Souto é Professor de Inglês e Blogueiro, 22 anos de idade. Seu principal objetivo é descomplicar o idioma, mostrando que se você quiser você pode falar inglês!
"Um pouco por dia e seu objetivo será alcançado!"
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