Notícias Niveladas #012

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Todas as notícias serão postadas aqui às Sextas-feiras em 3 níveis diferentes!

Nível Iniciante (Pessoas que começaram a estudar recentemente e tem um vocabulário limitado)

Nível Intermediário (Pessoas que começaram a estudar há um tempo médio de 2 anos e tem um vocabulário um pouco mais amplo)

Nível Avançado (Pessoas que já estudam há um bom tempo e tem um vocabulário avançado)

Vamos começar então!

Life in Space

Nível Iniciante

British scientists send a balloon into the air. The balloon goes very high. It goes 27 kilometres (16.7 miles) above the ground.

When the balloon is back, the scientists look at it. They find something interesting. They find small organisms. These organisms are from the air.

The organisms are heavy. They cannot go into the air from the ground. The organisms come from space. This is a very important thing. It can change everything.

Difficult words: scientist (clever person who is an expert in something), balloon (big bag with air inside), organism (animal or plant or something that lives).

Nível Intermediário

British scientists think that they have discovered life in space. It is not little green men but very small organisms.
The organisms were found on a research balloon which was sent 27 kilometres (16.7 miles) into the atmosphere. Scientists discovered the organisms when the balloon was back on the ground but they are sure that the organisms are from the atmosphere. The only way the organisms got into the atmosphere is from space. They are too heavy to be lifted from the ground.
This discovery is revolutionary and it might change modern science.
Difficult words: organism (living thing), atmosphere (air around the earth), revolutionary (when something is revolutionary, it can change everything).

Nível Avançado

British scientists believe they've discovered life in space. No, it's not little green men but rather tiny organisms in the Earth's stratosphere which is the second layer of our atmosphere.

Scientists at the University of Sheffield found the microbugs on a research balloon they sent 27 kilometres (16.7 miles) into the atmosphere during a meteor shower last month. Similar to this one, they sent out for another experiment.

The tiny organisms were discovered when the specially designed balloon landed back on the ground near Wakefield. But the experts insist that the organisms are not from the Earth's surface and strict tests were carried out to avoid contamination.

Professor Milton Wainwright, who led the team, said the size of the particle found on the balloon was too big to have been lifted from Earth. He said the discovery of the alien organisms could be revolutionary.

Difficult words: meteor shower (when a lot of meteors fall), tiny (very small), insist (be sure about something you know and tell other people), contamination (getting dirty), revolutionary (new and changing everything).

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