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It is reported that Kate, was admitted to the hospital in the early stages of labour on Monday morning July 22nd 2013, about 6.00 . She and William came to St Mary's Hospital by car.

The medical team assigned to deliver Kate's first child will be led by Dr. Marcus Setchell, Queen Elizabeth II's former gynecologist, who could have got retired last year but decided to wait for the Royal Baby. The announce of his/her birth will be made at Buckingham Palace and on social networks. But the first person who will be told about it will be the Queen. We'll know then whether it is a boy or a girl. Anyway we'll have to wait for the name which will be revealed about a week later, as for Prince William.

The changes in Royal succession would apply retrospectively so that a child born after 28 October 2011 would be subject to the new rules, removing any gender preference from the laws of succession. Ministers also want to end rules barring the sovereign and prospective heirs from marrying a Catholic. But according to some media reports,such as BBC News, the Prince of Wales, Charles, - while backing the end to male primogeniture (the principle that males take precedence in the royal succession) - has expressed concerns to officials about 'unintended consequences' which could affect the monarch's role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

In autumn Kate and William, and the baby, are to move into Kensington Palace which has been renovated for a few months. Their new home was former Princess Margaret's flat until her death in 2002. It is composed of 21 rooms abode over 4 floors, and was used as office and storage space. It needed to be repaired,renovated and redecorated, which had not been made for many years. Above all asbestos had to be removed. The cost is about £1M. At the moment they are living near Kensington Palace, in Nottingham Cottage, called Nott Cott.

Now we know it's a boy, born at 16.24 local time in London, 17.24 local time in Paris.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her son are doing well.

Hora da compreensão!

1. Where was Kate admitted this morning July 22nd 2013?
2. What time was the baby born?
3. How did Kate go to hospital?
4. What is the name of the doctor who delivered Kate of the baby?
5. Who was the first person informed of the birth?
6. Where will Kate and William live with their baby next autumn?
7. Who lived in Kensington Palace in 2002, before she died?
8. How many rooms is their new flat composed of?
9. How much did the renovation of Kensington Palace cost?
10. How do insiders call Nottingham Cottage? 
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