Notícias Niveladas #007

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Nível Iniciante (Pessoas que começaram a estudar recentemente e tem um vocabulário limitado)

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Nível Avançado (Pessoas que já estudam há um bom tempo e tem um vocabulário avançado)

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Train Accident in Quebec

Nível Iniciante

A train in Canada has an accident. It is carrying oil. The oil explodes. There is fire everywhere.

Houses around the train are on fire too. Thirteen people die. Fifty people are missing. The police is trying to help but it is hard. The situation is very bad. It is the worst accident in Canada.

Clever people are now looking at the train. They want to understand it. They want to know what is wrong.

Interesting words: oil (you buy it for your car), explode (change fast into small pieces) be missing (we don't know where they are).

Nível Intermediário

A long train which carried oil derailed in Canada on Saturday. The oil exploded and the fire spread over 30 buildings.

Thirteen people have died so far. Everybody is hoping that the number will not change. The police said that 50 people are still missing. There is little chance of finding anyone. This is the worst accident in Canada since 1998 when a plane crashed and 229 people died.

The investigators are looking at the train and trying to figure out what happened. There could be something wrong with the brakes.

Interesting words: derail (accidentally leave the tracks), chance (possibility), figure out (understand), brakes (thing that makes the train go slower or stop).

Nível Avançado

"We know that around 50 people are still reported missing. The number has been stabilising there, all the afternoon. And right now, we can say that we have almost 50 people are reported missing."

The death toll in Quebec's oil train disaster has jumped to 13. As police indicates, that there are tens of people still missing.

"If anybody has information as to somebody that's in Canada and has been missing they can call their consulate here in Canada have them talk to us."

With few now expecting any of the missing to be found alive, the derailment and explosion could be the worst accident in Canada since the Swiss Air crash of 1998 in which 229 people died.

The 73-car train carrying crude oil derailed in downtown Lac-Megantic on Saturday, setting of a series of explosions and spreading fires that engulfed more than 30 buildings.

Canadian crash investigators say they are now looking at the train's brakes after air brakes that would have prevented the disaster failed because they were powered by an engine that had been shut down shortly before the calamity occurred.

Interesting words: death toll (number of deaths), consulate (someone from government), crude oil (raw oil), derail (accidentally leave the tracks), engulf (cover).

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Eduardo Souto é Professor de Inglês e Blogueiro, 21 anos de idade. Seu principal objetivo é descomplicar o idioma, mostrando que se você quiser você pode falar inglês!
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