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Hundreds of mourners said their goodbyes on Monday to two little boys who loved football and tacos and who lost their lives along with 18 other children when a gunman burst into their school and started shooting.
Family, friends and townspeople streamed into two funeral homes to mourn two 6-year-olds: Jack Pinto, who was buried in a New York Giants jersey, and Noah Pozner, who loved animals and video games and liked to figure out how things worked mechanically. His twin sister, Arielle, was in another classroom and survived.
The funeral for Noah, the youngest child to be killed, was held at a Jewish funeral home in Fairfield, Conn., on a street lined with clusters of white balloons, which have become something of a symbol of grief for the children who died. On a tree outside the white clapboard house was a green hand-lettered sign that read: "Our hearts are with you Noah."
Well-wishers placed two teddy bears, a bouquet of white flowers and a single red rose at the base of a maple tree in front of the funeral home.
Rabbi Edgar Gluck, who attended the service, said the first person to speak was Noah's mother, Veronique, who told mourners that her son's ambition when he grew up was to either be director of a plant that makes tacos -- because that was his favorite food -- or to be a doctor.
She said that whenever she would tell Noah she loved him he would always reply: Not as much as I love you.
Mourners arriving for the service walked from the corner where police set up a perimeter. Most shunned the media. When one woman was asked if she wanted to say something about Noah, she said, "Just that we love him," but another woman responded: "I want to say I think you should go away."

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