Study Hard: To seduce

Good morning dear readers and friends from Você pode falar Inglês!

In today's Study Hard we are going to learn about a new verb, Seduce!

Are you ready to learn? So, follow me!

Take a look how to use the verb:

Infinitive form: To seduce
Simple past: seduced
3ª person: seduces
Present Perfect Continuous: seducing

The verb to seduce means to persuade someone to do something with you!

I wouldn't have bought it but I was seduced by the low prices.

We also have the noun Seducer and two adjectives seduceable and seducible.

She was seduced bt the temptation of easy money and started working in a massage parlor.

There is a good synonym to this verb: to attract

I hope you've learned this verb and don't forget it from now on!

Have a nice day my dear friend!

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