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Today in the Study Hard's section we are going to talk about an interesting verb.

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Take a look how to use the verb:

Infinitive form: To persuadeSimple past: persuaded3ª person: persuadesPresent Perfect Continuous: persuading

The meaning of the verb to persuade is to make someone agree to do something by talking to them a lot about it.

"We managed to persuade him to come."

People usually change the verb for some others synonyms like: "to convince" or "to induce".

"I persuaded her that it was the right thing to do."

Talking about persuade yet, we have another word in its family, "persuasion".

Persuasion is when you persuade someone.

"I'm sure she'll agree, she just needs a little gentle persuasion."

Americans love to use this word in a formal way to refer about political, religious or moral beliefs.

"There were people from all persuasions there."

The last example that I'll give you today talks about salespeople, they have to have a great persuasion power, don,'t they?

"Good salespeoplemuse persuasion to get people to buy things, just as children use persuasion to get permission to do certain things."

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