Foreign People Interview #001

Este quadro tem como finalidade estreitar os laços entre brasileiros que tem o sonho ou o objetivo de falar inglês fluentemente com amigos virtuais que podem de certa forma, ajudá-los a conquista deste sonho ou objetivo.

É um quadro bem simples, como o próprio nome já diz:

"Entrevista de Pessoas Estrangeiras"

Aqui deixarei também o contato dos amigos estrangeiros para que você possa adicioná-los e também praticar seu inglês com falantes nativos da língua.

Name:  Clinton Davis   
Age:  19 years.
/ Country:   Pensacola, Florida, USA.
Occupation:  Student, Tutor


1) What's your nickname and why?
Clint, simply because it's a shortening of my full name, Clinton. I used to go by my nickname exclusively as a child; however, as I've gotten older, I've found that I like 'Clinton' better.

2) What do you like to do when you are not busy?
I enjoy a number of activities when I'm not busy. I enjoy reading, especially fantasy, although lately I've cultivated an interest in classics. I also like playing both tennis and golf, though I like the former a bit more.

3) Do you like to speak with people from another country?
To speak with someone from another country is to acquire an entirely different perspective of the world. Some of the most practical advice I've received came from conversation with a Russian person.

4) What do you know and what do you think about Brazil?
In honesty, I don't know very much about Brazil. I know just a little bit of pre-independent Brazilian history, but that's about it. I would like to learn more, though. As far as my thoughts on Brazil, I think that it seems to be a light-hearted country. I think that Brazil would be a place that I would like to visit one day.

5) What do you like to talk about with a foreigner?
When I first talk to a foreigner, I like to learn where they're from, and I also like talking about the cultural differences in the two countries (especially regarding food).


1) Can you speak another language instead of your native language?
I speak some elementary Spanish, and very little Russian.

2) Why do you think people like to learn "bad words" in another language?
For the thrill, possibly. Also, there's something that seems to mitigate the 'badness' of a word when it's spoken in a foreign language.

3) Do you think English is a difficult language to learn?
Yes and no. English is not very consistent, but at the same time, sentences seem relatively easy to understand because it's word placement that determines meaning instead of inflection.

4) Which country do you consider the best place to study English?
The best place to start is probably in front of your computer or at a writing desk. I think it's rather possible to get a good base in a language through self-study. Even so, it's always best to polish language skills in a country that speaks the language, so definitely go to Great Britain or the United States at some point.

5) Could you leave a tip for the readers of this website who wants to become fluent in English?
Communicate with and use English as much as you can. If you like reading, then read some of the great American classics or great British classics. Both will give you insights into how people think and thought in both societies. Friends who speak English natively are also helpful, especially when they're willing to tell you when you've mangled the language and help you to fix your mistakes.

A nossa entrevista chegou ao fim, você gostaria de fazer alguma pergunta para o Clinton? Ótimo, deixe-a nos comentários que solicitarei a resposta o mais breve possível :)

Quem sabe até ele mesmo responda :D

Sobre o Autor:

Eduardo Souto é Professor de Inglês e Blogueiro, 20 anos de idade. Seu principal objetivo é descomplicar o idioma, mostrando que se você quiser você pode falar inglês!
"Um pouco por dia e seu objetivo será alcançado!"

8 Comentários

8 comentários:

Leticia Maria disse...

Clint hihihihi!

What do you like about your culture?

Demi disse...

What's up Clint!

Can you tell us about your city?

If it is a big or small city and things like that?

Clinton D. disse...

Hello, Leticia Maria and Demi.

I'll start with the first question:
I suppose it may seem like I'm sidestepping the question, but I'm really not sure of what I like about my culture, simply because I've not lived in any culture but my own. Thus, I'm really not sure what I appreciate most. I do like that people tend to let others do their own thing without judging too much (at least not openly, anyway).

And now, for the second:
I actually don't live in Pensacola itself. I live north of the city, but I always say that I'm from Pensacola because it's the place that people are most likely to recognize. My town itself is very small; it's a farming community, mostly. As such, usually the most exciting news that goes around is that it's time for harvest.
Pensacola, though, is a decently sized city. Its most famous attractions are its beaches. Pensacola prides itself on the sugar-white sands on its beaches. If you have an opportunity to do so, I highly recommend that you visit them.

Eduardo Souto disse...

Thank you Clinton for answering my reader's questions :)

Demi disse...

Do you have a girlfriend?

Clinton D. disse...

Hahaha! No, I don't have one of those right now. I'm too busy with my studies (19 hours) to have a girlfriend right now.

Rodney disse...

Hey Clinton, what sports do you like to play?

Clinton D. disse...

Hi, Rodney! As far as sports, I really don't play too many, but I do like to run (sometimes), and I enjoy playing tennis when I can get someone to play with me. Sometimes I also play golf, but not as often.