Advice of the Week #001

With the current pace that we are all walking with in our life many people are giving more priority to work than their relations. Now this is not just curtailed to the men or women giving time to their family but we are talking about the entire family. 

The father has meetings to attend, the mother has more houses to sell, the children have parties to attend etc. This makes it very hard for the family to know what the other members are going through in their life. It even happens that the person’s friends know more about their problems than the family.

This is a very unhealthy way of living in a family.

If you are a working parent, don’t trade your time with family with your work. Your boss can replace you with million other people, but your family needs you.

If you are a daughter, sister, son and brother, we know how much you love to party and stay out with your friends but your parents and your siblings need you as well. 

So today’s advice of the week is Put Your Relations Before Work and try to spend as much as quality time possible with your family.

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