Você se considera um bom amigo? [Inglês]


What are friends for anyway? But what would you do if your friend turned up on your doorstep with a suitcase without calling ahead? What if she wanted to borrow your evening dress even before you’ve worn it? How charitable are you towards your friends? After all, this is the season of giving and the true test of any friendship is how far you will go for them. So do your friends consider you a trusted confidante, a barrel of fun or a pain in the neck? Are you the kind of person who will open your arms to them when they are in need or are you more likely to shut the door in their faces? Do this quiz and find out how you score:

1. A friend asks your opinion of an outfit that looks awful. Do you:

A. tell the truth and suggest he wears something else?
B. say it looks good?
C. say you prefer another outfit?

2. You see your best friend’s partner out with someone else. Do you:

A. mention it to your friend? C. ignore it?
B. challenge your friend’s partner?

3. You are enjoying a quiet romantic meal with your partner when a crowd of friends walk into the
restaurant. Do you:

A. go over and have a quick chat? C. pretend not to notice them?
B. ask them to join you?

4. Your pals want to go to a club you hate, and you want to go to the cinema instead. Do you:

A. go to the cinema on your own C. persuade all to come to the cinema?
B. go along with the majority?

5. A long lost friend turns up on your doorstep with a suitcase. Do you:

A. suggest a cheap hotel? C. go out of your way to set them up?
B. make up a bed?

6. A friend has split up with her long-time boyfriend. Do you:

A. invite her round to your house to cheer her up?
B. organize a blind date?
C. avoid her for a couple of weeks until she gets over it?

7. Your flat mate cannot pay the rent. Do you:

A. lend her the money? C. offer to pay half?
B. suggest she arrange an overdraft?

8. A friend cancels a date because of an illness. Do you:

A. go on your own? C. curse her and stay in and watch television?
B. go round and cheer up your sick friend?

9. You fancy a quiet night in, but your friends want to go out. Do you:

A. explain that you are exhausted, but organize something for the following day?
B. put on a brave face and go out? C. stay in and refuse to be swayed?

10. A friend has unknowingly split his trousers at a party. Do you:

A. tell the crowd and have a good laugh? C. help him sew it up?
B. point it out to him?

11. You hear some damaging gossip about a friend. Do you:

A. keep it to yourself? C. spread it around?
B. tell everybody it is not true?

12. She starts to chat up the person you’ve had your eye on. Do you:

A. ignore it? He’ll seek you out if he’s interested. C. edge your way into the conversation?
B. concoct a plan of revenge?

13. You friend has a contagious illness. Do you:

A. visit her but wear a surgical mask? C. wait for her to get better?
B. phone her everyday for progress report?

14. A friend asks to borrow your new outfit. Do you:

A. lend it reluctantly? C. tell her to buy her own?
B. suggest she chooses something else from your wardrobe?

15. A friend has a problem. Do you:

A. listen patiently?
B. listen patiently and try to offer sound advice?
C. suggest that she see an experienced counselor?

16. You are on holiday with a friend and you have met someone you fancy. Do you:

A. stay with your friend? B. go off with the guy?
C. compromise and go out with each of them in turn?

17. You are off for a game of tennis, but one of your friends has left his racket behind. Do you:

A. suggest she umpires the game? C. offer her racket?
B. take turns at playing?

18. She’s had too much to drink. Do you:

A. hide the car keys? C. leave her to it?
B. drive her home?

19. Your friend’s party is a disaster. Do you:

A. leave? C. make the most of it?
B. try to liven things up with party games?

20. You see in a sale a shirt your friend’s been eyeing for weeks. Do you:

A. buy it? C. buy it for yourself?
B. tell her where it’s on sale?
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