Biblioteca do Conhecimento #004

Autores: John and Liz Soars / Compre na Disal

American Headway is a multi-level series for adults and young adults who want to use American English both accurately and fluently. It includes grammar, vocabulary and dialogues. Grammar and vocabulary are taught and explained thoroughly, and all four language skills are developed systematically.

Key features
- Completely reviews all the major structures in American English. Students practice and master using the grammar for a wider range of communicative purposes.
- An expanded three-CD audio program exposes students to real spoken English.
- Up-to-date texts focus on international topics - everything from the impact of global tourism to the American sitcom Friends. The readings stimulate class discussion and provide the rich vocabulary input that students need at this level.
- Two sections new to the course, "The Music of English" and "Spoken English," highlight stress and intonation patterns and focus on features of informal spoken English.
- "Hot words" sections present and practice essential collocations.
- Active analysis of grammar in "Test Your Grammar" and "Grammar Spot" activities helps students build and extend their understanding of English.
- The Grammar Reference in the back of the Student Book gives clear, detailed rules and examples of form and use.
- A writing syllabus at the back of the book provides a complete writing program for the level.
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