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Did you know it about: Marital Status

A person's marital status indicates whether the person is married. Questions about marital status appear on many polls and forms, including censuses and credit card applications.

In the simplest sense, the only possible answers are "single" or "married". However, other options are often included, such as "divorced", "widowed,widow or widower", "cohabiting", "civil union", "domestic partnership", and "unmarried partners". While anyone who is not married is technically "single" in legal terms, it is often seen as desirable to include these other items. Some unmarried people do not identify as "single" for a variety of reasons, and may be reluctant to describe themselves that way. In some cases, knowing that people are divorced, widowed, or in a relationship is more useful than simply knowing that they are unmarried.

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Polls - Enquetes, pesquisas
Forms - Formulários
Censuses - Censo (por exemplo, censo do IBGE)
Married - Casado
Single - Solteiro
Divorced - Divorciado
Widowed, Widow or Widower - Viúvo
Cohabiting - Amasiado
Civil union - Casado (só no cartório)
Domestic Partnership - Vivendo juntos (sem estar casados) - Valeu Adir Ferreira
Unmarried Partners - Vivendo juntos (sem estar casados) - Apenas uma outra forma de dizer

So, now it's your turn:

1) Do you agree with this image? Why?

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3) Are you Married or Single?

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5 Comentários

5 comentários:

tatá disse...

Hello Edu,first congrats for the blg^^
well... the pic is very funny.In my opinion this pic has a bit of truth.Maried men seem more interesting by the fact they 're mature, more responsible and money :P
and the sing forever alone L0L
I undersatnd the relationships are more instable, on the other hand, change more frequently.Pehaps the reason is try to find freedom.I'm single but I know one day I'll married.

Eduardo Souto disse...

That's really great Tatá :)

I hope you like all my tips...

Idebusiness disse...

That's really interesting this blog!

Eduardo Souto disse...

Thank you a million for your comment my friend!

Feel free to come back always you want!

Samantha disse...

Sad but true!!!

When we are single nobody wants to send messages or even talk to you.

But when you are dating or you get married so girls and guys start looking for you everywhere, not only on facebook page!

I loved your post, congratulations Eduardo